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Site Superintendant

Job Title: Superintendent
Company: Doran Contractors Limited
Reports to: Director of Operations
Location: 3187 Albion Road, Ottawa, Ontario
Date: October 19, 2017

Work Description
The Superintendent is responsible for the overall supervision of construction projects, crews and sub-contractors. They may be responsible for several sites at any given time. The performance of the duties must ensure a quality approach to all employees, customers, subcontractor, general contractors, tenants, managers and suppliers. All responsibilities must be performed in a manner consistent with the Doran Contractors vision, mission, and must comply with all company policies and procedures. The Superintendent in coordination with the Director of Operations and the Project Manager is responsible for identifying issues, designing and carrying out policies and procedures that support the projects and initiatives of the company.

Major Responsibilities:
• Schedule meetings with and manage subcontractors;
• Manage the construction site from the outset, including setting up site office, access, site fencing etc.;
• Assist in developing and maintaining construction, production schedule and site management plan.
• Manage site startup right through to hand over at the end of the project.
• Establish and maintain quality control measures on site;
• Participate in setting up the site safety plan with the company safety officer;
• Provide guidance on how to work in a more safe and efficient manner.
• Aid in all Safety reporting functions. Ensure the timely delivery of reports to Head Office in order to maintain all legislative requirements.
• Provide schedule updates to the Project Manager on a regular basis;
• Review and understand project drawings and specifications;
• The superintendent plans and prepares construction schedules and milestones and monitor progress against established schedules
• Assist with estimates and budget development for projects
• Ensure accurate and timely project close date; adjust working schedules to ensure deadlines are met
• Identify and resolve conflicts within project teams and associated work; create contingency plans to mitigate risk
• Ensure inspections are completed periodically throughout the construction phases to ensure buildings meet specifications of clients
• Select and coordinate subcontractors throughout all phases of projects
• Coordinates all activity between trades and suppliers
• Oversee performance of all trade contractors and review architectural and engineering drawings to ensure accuracy and regulatory abidance.
• Identifying needs for training and facilitates delivery of training.
• Recommending employee actions such as hiring, training, promotions, disciplinary and corrective measures.
• Enforce all Doran Contractor policies and procedures.

Statement of Qualifications:
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Post-secondary Certificate in Civil Engineering Technologist / Formal Technical training that is relevant to the field.
• A minimum of 5 years’ work experience as a superintendent in the ICI sector.
• Prior experience with Construction Projects such as Condo Buildings, Retirement homes, Multi-Unit Apartment buildings, Retail Developments, Large Commercial Turn-key Buildings, Commercial Fit ups and other similar projects is required.
• Possess a valid driver’s license
• Ability to professionally interact with design professionals, consultants and clients throughout the project;
• Ability to read blueprints, schematics, field drawings and plans
• Strong communication, integration, problem-solving and interpersonal skills
• Ability to cope with high intensity and stressful environments.
• Strong attention to detail.
• Demonstrated success in project delivery and execution of project management methods
• Understanding fundamentals of contracts and experience in managing contractors under the terms of a contract

Physical/Sensory Effort/ Work Environment
• Loud and busy work environment
• Providing service to several people or departments, working under many simultaneous deadlines
• Standing for long periods of time.
• Difficult weather conditions, working outdoors and on site.
• Overtime as required.
Knowledge of Scheduling required

Knowledge of Microsoft Project (an asset)

LEED certification and Green Building Certificates (an asset)

Gold Seal Certification or PMP Certification is considered (an asset)

Project Manager

Job Title: Project Manager

Reports to: Director of Operations

Company: Doran Contractors Limited

Location: 3187 Albion Road South

Job Posting Date: October 19, 2017

Work Description

The Project Manager is responsible for the day to day administration of the terms and specifications of work outlined by the project contract. In addition to administrative duties, the Project Manager will provide engineering services on various projects related to the construction of high rise, mid-rise, multi-unit, industrial and commercial buildings. These duties must be carried out in a manner that follows the City of Ottawa Standard Specifications, Health & Safety Standards, and Ministry of Labour codes in addition to the general policies and procedures of Doran Construction Limited. The performance of the duties must ensure a quality approach to all employees, customers, subcontractors, trades, owners, managers and suppliers. All responsibilities must be performed in a manner that is consistent with the Doran Contractor’s mission and vision statements

Major Responsibilities

Project Manager

  • Review estimate, project contract and job specifications to familiarize themselves with the project and its’ scope of work.
  • Prepare a detailed cost budget, project timeline and establish milestones for the job. Review Project Plan with the President and Director of Operations.
  • Assist Management and the Director of Operations in planning, coordinating and supervising construction activities and projects
  • Communicate, train, and lead the construction team on site to meet project timeline and milestones.
  • Prepare permit application, obtain approvals and organize all submittals in preparation for job launch.
  • Ensuring safety obligations with clients are carried out as per the terms of the agreement, and communicated to the Superintendent and Health and Safety Manager
  • Prepare regular project updates and communicate progress with owners, consultants and internal users.
  • Liaise between site superintendent, estimators, developer, office administration (finance) and senior management team to prepare detailed project updates
  • The Project Manager will schedule the requirements that are needed from trades, consultants, suppliers and vendors.
  • Outline and manage the scopes of work for all key parts of the project.
  • Prepare and maintain financial forecasts for the project, updating or notifying key stakeholders when there are areas of concern.
  • Coordinate with Finance team to prepare financial reports and manage cash flow.
  • Financial Project Administration – Collect and review subcontractor’s billings, respond to queries from the finance department and prepare financial reporting on job performance.
  • Review timesheets and approve invoices specific to the projects.
  • Produce purchase orders, prior to job activities commencing in conjunction with estimating departments.
  • Plan all project timelines, milestones, deliverables, and micro-deliverables using Microsoft Project. Update when major changes occur.
  • Calculate all productivity and material yields, measured against the projected KPI's established for the project.
  • Coordinate proper procurement of construction materials ensuring timely delivery and accuracy of purchase orders.
  • Review, monitor, and keep up to date shop drawings.
  • Prepare regular updates (job status, escalations, concerns etc.) on the progress of projects; deliver these reports during regular management coordination meetings.
  • Track all RFIs, changes, and instructions in spreadsheet format.
  • Track and distribute instructions and changes to any parties who may be affected by changes. Thorough documentation is required for any change made to the project.
  • Maintain on going communication with the client. Provide the client with regular updates and manage expectations in accordance with the scope of work. Ensure Customer satisfaction, even during challenging times or project set backs.
  • Resolve conflicts and quality issues with materials or installation during construction
  • Assemble and review monthly progress payments for the customer. Review consultant’s report to validate progress payment.
  • Chair meetings and update minutes.
  • Mentor Project Coordinators that support projects; provide job specific feedback and review performance on a regular and on-going basis with your team.
  • Perform additional assignments as required by the demands of the project.

Statement of Qualifications:

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Undergraduate degree, B.A.Sc. (Civil Engineering) or Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma is required.
  • Project Management designation (PMP) is considered an asset.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in the construction industry is required. Prior work experience in the ICI sector of the industry would be preferable.
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to prioritize work and meet firm deadlines.
  • Proficient in Microsoft office (Excel, Word, Outlook, Microsoft Project)
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Strong communication skills both written and verbal.
  • Possess strong conflict resolution skills, with the ability to lead and motivate others
  • Strong mathematical reasoning and ability to analyze building drawings/blueprints.

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