In 1896, the Doran family planted the seeds of an extremely successful contracting business. Through the decades Doran Contractors prospered and grew under the expert tending of William Jr. and later under Hugh and Burke Doran. The firm established solid roots with diverse and impressive projects including many schools and hospitals, the Air Terminal in Antigua, and work on the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.

Over the years, Doran worked with an excavation contracting company, Taggart Construction, another family-owned operation. In 1983, the strengths of the two firms became permanently entwined when Doran became part of the Taggart Group of Companies.  Today, Doran Contractors and Taggart Construction often work together on major projects. Their complementary skills allow them to fulfill every project need with the best possible construction experience.

With President Wayne Jennings leading the team with his wealth of business and construction experience, the Doran group tackles each project with the confidence and acumen to provide the best possible service to their clients. Each job presents its own set of challenges and thus creates an opportunity for the group to illustrate the passion they possess for construction. Doran has completed very complex projects in the Ottawa area in its many years of continuous operation. These include much of the Transitway in Ottawa, as it exists today, and significant projects such as Centre Block Underground Services Building (Parliament), Plaza Bridge Rehabilitation, East Market Condominiums, CBC Headquarters, and the Royal Military College Dormitories.

Doran’s History is Rooted in Success.