O-Train Temporary Platform

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Project Type: Heavy Civil - Transportation

Project Stats:

  • 33m x 1.2m high timber crib
  • Installed close to the in-service rail line
  • Train passes within two inches of the face of the platform

Project Information:

Contract type: General Contracting
Completion: December 2015
Owner: Ottawa Light Rail Transit
Architect: SCN Lavalin

The Bayview Temporary Platform is part of the greater OLRT Light Rail project that requires a temporary platform at the in-service Bayview O-Train station. Once this temporary platform is in service, the existing Bayview station will be demolished by the OLRT forces and a new station will be constructed that will service the new light rail line as well as the existing O-Train line. The new temporary platform is a 5m x 33m x 1.2m high timber crib that is installed close to the in-service rail line. Elevations and locations are critical as the train needs to pass within two inches of the face of the platform, and the existing platform must remain fully operational and uninterrupted during the construction phase. All work on the new platform needs to be completed between the hours of 00:15am and 05:15am. With the restriction to working only in a night shift, Doran is planning to pre-assemble the 5m x 33m cribbing into three sections and lower them into position in a single night shift with a mobile crane. This will reduce the time working directly next to the tracks, and allow the bulk of the pre-fabrication to be done during normal working hours in a designated staging area. The structure will be infilled with granular stone, infilled with some concrete pads for shelters and light bases, and topped with asphalt. Existing site lighting will be relocated by Doran forces on a switchover date, along with some ticket machines and shelters, which will be relocated by OC Transpo forces. The work is starting the week of October 11th, and is expected to be completed by the end of November.