Booth St. Aqueduct

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Project Type: Heavy Civil - Waste/Water

Project Stats:

  • 13m x 27m x 1m thick concrete reinforced structure

Project Information:

Contract type: Construction Management
Completion: November 2015
Owner: Ottawa Light Rail Transit
Structural: Parsons

The Booth Street Aqueduct is a concrete structure project forming part of the greater OLRT Light Rail project that requires a concrete structure over an existing City of Ottawa Aqueduct. When the construction of Booth Street is complete, the roadbed will be raised fifteen feet, so the existing aqueduct will not be able to support the additional loading of the overburden and roadbed. The concrete structure is a 13m x 27m x 1m thick concrete reinforced structure that is physically separated from the existing structure by a 50mm rigid insulation bond breaker. Coordination was required with the City of Ottawa to draw down the water level of the aqueduct (by shutting down and lowering the water level in the downstream generating station), as the water migrated through fissures in the old structure and filled the area required for the new footings. This shutting down of the generating station meant loss of revenue to the City of Ottawa, so work had to done quickly to minimize disruptions and loss of revenue. A mudslab was poured in the footing areas above the water level, so once the generation station was back in service, the concrete work would be above the waterline. Work on the aqueduct started the week of September 27th and is expected to be complete by the end of October.